March 21, 2013

Volume 14 Review by gave South Loop Review a lovely review on their website. Some excerpts from the review by Mary Florio:

"The editors of South Loop Review invite "essays and memoir, lyric and experimental forms, non–linear narratives, blended genre, photography and art . . . personal essays and memoir with fresh voices and new takes on presentation and form." I reprint the description for emphasis. The magazine is not feigning interest in the experimental. Rather, essays appear (in Micah McCrary’s case) as meditations on color through a list format, toy with a redline feature as a method of managing conflicting emotions (as in Adriana Páramo’s case), and explore what one might term the "meta-essay" through the careful tides of stating and redacting comments about what illness can signify (see Vicki Weiqi Yang’s essay)."

"South Loop Review is composed of many innovative efforts in what one might view as a utilitarian climate where the economy of language and minimalist realism are king. Such a journal is indispensable regardless. The editors are to be congratulated on their fine selection and their daring decisions—to see a platform for literary experimentation in such a lovely compendium is refreshing and arresting."

Read the complete review on the NewPages website.

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