April 25, 2013

Hybrid Genre and Jenny Boully’s [one love affair]*

By: Julietta Lopesciolo

Hybrid genre is being more talked about in the world of creative writing. One great example is Jenny Boully’s book, [one love affair]: A million wallowing anemones, a thousand eyes peeping through, a thousand spies shivering, unnameable endless flowerings, countless ... one drowning, one nightclub called Juicy. Or, as most people know it as, [one love affair]*. The book contains three sections of prose poetry that meditate on various other works of poetry and prose.

Boully’s writing is evocative and lyrical in its sensuality. She writes, "And after the ingestion of petals, there were, suddenly, the tiniest of nosegays sprouting forth from the stones of the path, which led somewhere, too far away for the couple to ever discover and besides, it stretched on and on forever through the hillside and, although it was summer, it could, if it wanted to, get dark very soon."

Although quotations are used throughout the work, the main narrative thread is one of her own creation, stories of past loves and lovers. She weaves the tales together with mesmerizing prose poetry filled with strong images, scenes and characters. Her stories have a life of their own, but meet touchstones on the quotes and pieces she draws from. This work stands out as a distinct example of successful hybrid genre.

Pick up a copy here: [one love affair]*

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