Cover photograph, Princess of Benin, by Tony Smith

Volume 15 Contents

Megan Nix, "Why We Went to the Rodeo"

Marissa Landrigan, "What I Left"

Jacob Yeung

Natalie Vestin, "Accidents"

Emily Arnason Casey, "Ultima Thule"

CJ Nye

Interviewed by Josalyn Knapic, Maggie Sullivan, and Naomi Washer

Doug Stapleton

Sonja Livingston, "Human Curiousity: An Imperfect Pantoum

Michelle Primeau Premchand, "In Eternity and Waiting for a Spoon"

Nicole R. Zimmerman (Pushcart Prize Nominee)

Gwynneth VanLaven, Asphalta Angelica

Dave Kelly, "Since My Cancer," "Blood Thinners"

Aleah Goldin, "The Bonesetters of Mongolia"

Kari Jackson, "I Know Where the Water Goes"

Markey Koga, "Excerpt from Sidewalk Chalk"
Winner of the SLR Columbia Undergraduate Student Essay Contest

Jennifer Eisenhauer (Pushcart Prize Nominee)

Nico Amortegui a.k.a. MALO, Amore & Untitled

Andrew Payton, "Moving Cells"

Francisco Cantú (Pushcart Prize Nominee)

Rikki Santer, "Homefront"

Charter Weeks & Keith Flynn, "Excerpt from Prosperity Gospel: Portraits of the Great Recession"

SLR Interview: Kate Zambreno
Interviewed by Mark Mondalek

Aimee Baker, "A Family Medical History in Five Parts"

Tarn Wilson, "My Father Refuses"

Naomi Washer, "Notes on Footing"

Sarah Jamison

Jacqueline Doyle (Pushcart Prize Nominee)

Susanna Space, "Three Photographs"

Therese Halscheid, "Rowing the Sky"

Michael Peterson, Roller Mill

Stephanie Dickinson, "The Flatness of Hill Country"

Rachel Michelle Hansen, "It Was Like This: Nine Vignettes"

Tony Smith, Drummers at 63rd Street Beach

Interviewed by Josalyn Knapic

Lia Woodall (Pushcart Prize Nominee)

Emma Bolden, "Taking Blood"

Ruth Williams, "Sizing"

Michael Schmeltzer, "What Voyeurism Taught Me"

Eric Gould, Portrait of Fred

Elizabeth Rosen Mayer (Pushcart Prize Nominee)

Kate Dernocoeur, "Unplugged"